More Leica rumors: 35mm f/1 or f/0.95 lens and limited edition Andy Summers camera

Two more Leica rumors:

I have updated the list of upcoming/rumored Leica cameras and lenses.

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  • Stephen Hibbs

    Could do with a new X-E 113 with a built in veiwfinder

    • DouglasGottlieb


  • that´s amazing news! im shure a few people would freak out, for a 35 noctilux but to be honest… the 50mm noctilux bored me after 1or two month.
    if you can´t afford it, you always want to have it… if you have it, you may recognize that it´s not the wonder weapon everbody told you. same with the canon dream lens. it just have a very small area of application in my opinion. i wished somebody told me that two years ago^^ and you nearly can get a 35mm & 50mm lux for that money.
    but hey, several products for several taste´s!
    i love the news in any way!! 🙂

    • Bo Dez

      Mine has lived on my camera for 5 years. Best lens EVER.

    • eric

      The 50mm lux is the best all around M lens in my opinion. Though I prefer the 35mm focal length. The 50 noct is just too big for my tastes even if i was crazy enough to drop $10k on one lens.

      • i just can think about the black version of the 28 summaron since they dropped it.

  • Bo Dez

    This is EVERYTHING I have been waiting for! A 35 and a 75 Noctilux I would die for. Kit complete.

  • Laud Farter

    I’d want the “Roxanne” version, all tarted-up with the red light (dot) and ready to walk the streets at night. Unfortunately you’ll have to pay for it; won’t a cheap thrill (the Leica M10 Monochrom that is; what you do with it is up to you).

  • mitchellhartman

    instead of a 35mm notci why not a 35mm APO?

  • Zastava888

    Oh pity the poor SL.

  • Bo Dez

    Could always be for a cropped TL mount – better not be!

  • ZMWT

    No Andy Dwyer edition? Or “the Ron Swanson” edition, with a lens that comes with a pair of moustaches on it (hanging from the filter thread)

  • melisbroglia

    Why not a Keef version, with oiled lens surfaces for creative flares?

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