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Leica X Vario (Leica Mini-M)

Leica X Vario $500 price drop

You don’t often see a price drop on Leica gear, but today the X Vario camera is selling for $500 less.

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Leica X Vario camera tested by DxOMark

DxOMark published their test results for the Leica X Vario camera ($2,486.95). Here is their conclusion:

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New Leica X Vario camera with silver finish announced

Leica announced a new silver finish of their Leica X Vario camera. Price ($2,850) and specifications are the same. The new model is currently available for pre-order at the Leica Store Miami.

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Leica X Vario camera price drop

The price of the Leica X Vario camera dropped on Amazon by $170 from several different retailers. I have not seen a Leica price drop in a very long time (the original price was $2,850). Update: the price is now down by $225 (8%).

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Leica links

Peter Karbe, head of the optical development department at Leica Camera AG, explains the reason behind the “slow” lens of the Leica X Vario camera: “The design and construction of any lens is an attempt to create harmony among a number of sometimes contradictory requirements. It’s not good enough to optimize one single property of […]

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Questions & answers for the Leica Vario X Type 107 compact zoom camera

This set of Q&A provides some interesting information on the latest Leica Vario X Type 107 camera ($2,850.00), including answers to questions and concerns raised by several readers of this blog: Is the Leica X Vario the official successor of the Leica X2? No. Due to its very different possibilities in the photographic use the X […]

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Leica X Vario camera first impressions

Few days ago my local Leica store received their first X Vario shipment and I had the chance to play with the camera for few minutes. After I took the X Vario in my hands, I realized how heavy the lens is. Even with the slow aperture of 3.5-6.4, Leica must have included some serious glass inside. The […]

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