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Live blogging the Leica 09.09.09 event (Leica M9, Leica X1)

This post will be updated multiple times today. Just keep hitting the refresh button on this post/page to get the latest. 9:43 – Seal had an early sample of the Leica M9 9:41 – Seal (big Leica fan) is speaking… 9:37 – the third product is the S2… false alarm… no R10 9:35 – introducing […]

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Is this the Leica R-mount solution?

Stefan Daniel (Leica Product Manager) said that “there will be a good solution that allows us to use our R-lenses on a digital body.” Today Panasonic announced the GF1 M4/3 camera and with it a R-mount adapter: Here is the Leica R mount lens compatibility table: Here are some pictures of this adapter in action: […]

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L-Camera TV #3: Hessenpark member meeting

Here is the video version of the Hessenpark member meeting: L-Camera TV #3 – Hessenpark Member Meeting from Andreas Jürgensen on Vimeo.

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Transcript of the Q&A session with Stefan Daniel

Here is a summary of the Q&A session with Stefan Daniel. Andreas from l-camera-forum filmed by the whole event and transcribed the most important statements:

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There will be no Leica R10, say hello to Leica M9?

This just hit the wires: “From Stefan Daniel: there will be no R10 from Leica, but there will be a good solution that allows us to use our R-lenses on a digital body.” I think the full frame Leica M9 rumor from yesterday just became more credible – Leica M9 on 09.09.2009. Maybe this date […]

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Ebay madness: Leica M6 & R6 platinum

Leica M6 Platinum for US $20,550.00: Leica R6 Platinum for US $20,550.00: Both for the same price – if money is not an issue, which one would you choose?

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Leica S technology should “filter into high-end consumer products”

I got my hands on an email from a major photographic products reseller – most of the information is not new and just confirms that we should expect some fun Leica time ahead of us. “Just to clarify Leica’s press release regarding the R system…… It is correct that the production of R system bodies […]

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Leica R10 – available Summer 2010

Part of an email I received yesterday (I took the first portion of the email away to protect the identity of the reader): “… who has close ties with Leica says the R10 digital is confirmed for Summer 2010. It will be with AF, and be accompanied by new lenses of course because the R […]

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