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Leica T camera user interface concept

Check out this Leica T user interface concept from Anton Repponen:

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Leica Q3 camera concept design

Check out this Leica camera concept design from tolgatuncerlab.com: Big and sharp 4.4 MP EVF unit with magnification ratio of 0.77x Fixed Summilux Lens with 23mm & 35mm focal length switch. Fixed touchscreen unit. Aluminum rotary knob on top-left to change the ISO and shutter speed settings. Dedicated Exposure compensation dial [ +3 , -3 ] […]

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Check out this Leica M Typ 801 concept camera

Check out this Leica M Typ 801 concept camera I received from a reader – I don’t think the next M will look like this, but still an interesting design. What do you guys think? Here are the “desired” specs:

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Leica X3 concept camera

Leica X3 concept camera by Vincent Säll:

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Leica M10 camera concept

This Leica M10 camera concept was created by Svein Gunnar Kjøde:

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Another Leica concept

This concept of a Leica point and shoot camera was created by Mark Law: “The design language echos the true form of original cameras, aiming to simplify a product that is usually overly complicated. The controls are limited to a simple sector wheel located on the top of the camera for easy access, and a […]

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Leica S5 concept

Created by designer Stefan Radev: Via Yankodesign

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