Leica M9-P to be announced on Jun 21, 2011?

Update: you can see full resolution crops of the new Leica M9-P here.

According to this post from Valentin Sama, Leica Camera will have a new product announcement on June 21st, 2011. Expected is a new Leica M9-P rangefinder camera, a new 21mm ASPH f/3.8 lens and the M8/M9 firmware update. This may not be the complete list of new products and Leica may have "one more thing".

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  • Still 50:50…. waiting for other details….

    I think Leica will not stop the film camera production until the end of this decade..

    Leica known as the first practical camera in 35mm format, there is no clue that leica move from film to digital this day.. some says that Leica = 35mm film…. Leica = Manual…. Leica = Mechanical perfection (MP)…

    if… Leica announce the Digital MP, their flagship “mechanical perfection” to the market, We’ll see… many professional photojournalist, street photogs will disappointed…

    Price will be US$9999
    my guess!

    sorry for my poor language… im Indonesian..

    • Tyson

      Who said anything about them stopping film camera production?

  • Annon

    Can’t say too much, but this is red herring. The previous rumors were much closer, along the lines of an M9.2. Not sure about announcement date, but it’ll be June.

    • I just think a mechanical shutter on a digital camera something quite amazing. I would love to see that. Another awesome thing is the hybrid shutter form the FM3A which would be awesome to see such a system on a digital camera. Batteries would last way longer!!

  • “Just one last thing…Leica is proud to announce a digital rangefinder for the working artist! This model is 12mp, full frame, and we’re setting the MSRP at $3000 dollars!”

    A guy can dream.

    • … about a Voigtlander R3D!

  • M!!

    agree on all the post on MP = mechanical perfection.
    senseless in a digital camera. just doesn’t seem right.

    so a M9-P would more or less translate to “M9 for Posers..!”

    Let’s hope it’s just a M9.2

    • Yup.. nonsense.. MP = Mechanical Perfection is only for manual leica camera, and this is the only their signature left!! true spirit 35mm film camera!!

      I guess Leica MP (Manual Film) will be exist as long as the company lived!! haha

      Leica CEO says that Leica is only for someone that know something special.. 35mm film!! haha

      Brian Mo

    • So What’s the M9? “Camera for photographer posers!” The Leica of today makes jewelry for men, nothing more.

      • Agree! What make leica a really special camera today is how pricey it is. 7k for a M9 it’s an absurd, specially been body only, this is not a very special camera it’s only a camera like any other leica ever made but with a digital sensor. Sadly some people are just proud to pay 9k on a M9 kit and I really don’t know why.

        The real price of a M7 is the one you pay buying one used.

  • Mark

    And also for the record…P originally meant “Press”. But since the Leica of today refuses to make anything a working press photographer could even attempt to use, it really just means pricey, or pompous. Perfection was just a marketing term in their literature.

  • Dan

    There is definitely something on the way. The Leica Blog is offering ‘the new Leica camera’ as a prize in their Danny MacAskill competition. The new camera huh? Can’t get more conclusive than that!

  • Not sure whether a digital MP makes sense . . . To me MP is meant to be the last word, so to speak. The film MP makes sense, it’s the last film-based 35mm M camera and it’s the best Leica can make it (though I still prefer the mechanics of a M6). It freezes the best of Lecia M film in time, and leaves that as the legacy. Digital, on the other hand, is like fresh fruit when you buy it. It’s nice and sweet when you first consume it. Over time, it stales and rots, as others come along. I love my M9 but I know eventually I will love the M10 and get rid of the M9. BTW I also don’t believe in waiting around for the next best thing because, well, you can wait forever and life is short (see, e.g., folks who kept waiting for the allusive Nikon D800 rather than just shooting with the D3X for the last two years).

  • Bryan

    Ok people we have here here one more thing : An amazing Leica X2 Full frame with a classic 35 mm f2 lens.

  • Nobody Special

    I love Leica lenses. I like seeing THROUGH them with my (now dead) R system. The M’s I’ve owned have been good too. But, it IS a specialized, limited system camera that is compact, has great lenses, but that’s where it’s usefulness ends – when compared to a DSLR.

    An M9p, that will cost over $8K, maybe mid $8K. Where and why (unless there is some new tech) and how, does it become a more ‘useable’ camera that would justify the increase $$$? We’ll find out.

    N and C FF DSLR outfits are huge (especially with a zoom) but, as outdoor field cameras, they are a lot more capable and versatile, and with a prime lens instead of a zoom they are basically just as useable in the same situations. So when does the justification for an M that will likely keep increasing in price be worth-while? Just the glass? It appears the Fuji x100 is showing that it is very close optically to the X1.

    Maybe Leica is getting close to a camera in the M that can go no further – and then what? Electric frames lines, body designed by VW? Just asking.

    • pablo

      body design by audi instead

  • linh

    Any hope for Leica X1 🙂

  • pablo

    When will I be able to adhere my M lenses to a newly-modern digital body that costs
    several thousands of dollars less.

    Watch, as soon as Voigtlander or Cosina creates it, sales are going to surpass Leica’s

    The rent is too damn high!

  • From what was said at Leica Camera AG in September 2010 to the members of the LHSA visiting, Leica has been working on the possibility of a shutterless camera, as well as a camera that will take R lenses along with M lenses. This is not the same as saying that any of this will become reality, but that was what they were looking into. The “mirrorless” camera from Leica already exist, why the “mirrorless” camera from Leica would have to be a shutter-curtain-less (which would imply new shutter times far above 1/4000 as well as soundless shooting).

    In any case, from that and the reactions from the audience, I see it logically that Leica will not get away with an M10 with digital viewfinder built-in or added on top. People simply want the traditional Leica M mechanical qualities, including the expensive to produce viewfinder.

    My guess is that Leica will have to continue in the direction of advanced cameras, be it a M or mini-M or another system, and then an MP-like digital rangefinder. The problem is not to produce and sell classic Leica M cameras but to develop new ones including the new technologies “the market seem to want” in a simple and useful way so it’s still a simple camera, yet perceived by the market as modern and advanced.

    Both types of cameras could be interesting in terms of focus confirmation or even auto focus for M and/or R lenses, but few would like to part with the quality of an acoustic viewfinder that has guaranteed precision for many years and still does a more precise job than any auto focus system existing.

    The Leica presentation on June 21 is with Magnum, hence the Paris location, and I think it would be fair to expect products for professionals, meaning lenses, technologies, service and cameras that does what professionals ask. In the Leica M9 it’s few things: Improve the buffer speed and size, perhaps develop a Leicavit sort of addition for the camera to hold extra buffer, memory and battery power. Remove some of the stupid menu items and perhaps remove the flash shoe just for the fun of it. But that’s it. If anyone professional or Sunday shooter needs a sapphire screen or another color camera, the a la carte has been existing for Leica M9 since autumn 2010 as an announced service, and since September 9, 2009 for anyone who dared to ask the factory.

    Now, to the comments about jewelry and prices I find ignorant as the Leica M9 is definitely a tool. I have come across so many people who have started to produce the images they really wanted to do with the Leica M9, after having owned loads of other bulky cameras that simply killed their enthusiasm for photography, so as such it does a much better job than small pocket cameras and large dSLR cameras. Leica Camera have been, and is, offering a complete range of top-notch lenses that does exactly what rangefinder photographers want; high image quality in low light.

    The joy of creation professionals and others alike feel for photography when using an Leica M9 by far surpasses the prices of those cameras and lenses which compared to the job satisfaction the system gives. If one see it, the prices are ridiculous low. Anyone who have read up on the work that went into the evolution of the Noctilux, not to mention the work that goes into producing each lens and the unique look it produces will realize the the price of the lens is a bargain.

    If anything new arises on June 21 nobody really knows, and even if there isn’t any news, the Leica M9 is plenty able to produce stellar images with the existing lens range. Which is something one can go do already today. And which I suggest one does 😉

    • Maybe Leica should split their digital M line just like the M7 and MP – one model with the latest tech and a second “classic” version. This should make everybody happy. I still strongly believe that Leica is a working on a separate mirrorless solution that will work with R lenses. Maybe we will hear about it at Photokina 2012.

      Do you have a link for this Leica presentation in Paris with Magnum?

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