Leica M Monochrome, X2, 50mm Apo Summicron samples, reviews, etc.

An update to my previous list of links/reviews/samples of the new Leica products.

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  • Harold Ellis

    those comments under the “review” are so LOL

  • regular

    The flickr samples (I dont want to name the photographer) are LOL too. He should get his monitor calibrated.

  • Nobody Special

    I don’t put much stock in these type of reviews and samples.

    Speaking of which why do the images in Review #1 seem so dang ‘flat’? I mean come on, where’s the CONTRAST? Lots of grey, flat greys – did I mention greys? In photo 100 we would be told by the instructor to re-do the print if they came out like that. I’ve read elsewhere that to get the ‘most’ out of the M9M files it takes some practise. I’ve converted scanned (Hasselblad) transparencies to B&W and it wasn’t complicated. The M9M produces B&W so what’s the ‘practise’ needed? Just wondering.

    Again these type of samples are of little value, but I believe the ‘photographer’ is a professional, correct? I’m going to guess/assume that the M9M is capable of better.

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