Leica rumors recap (Photokina 2016)


Leica booth @ Photokina 2014

We already know there will be at least two new Leica cameras (made in Germany) announced during Photokina show in Germany next month. Here is a recap on what to expect:


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  • Daryl

    Leica has really put a lid on any new M, everyone agrees there will be one but the information is nil, including discontinued models. In 2012 when the M240 was introduced there were fuzzy images of the body that showed the evf port etc, but this time nothing….good job Leica.

    • Unless the new M is really not ready – we should see, I also got this report awhile back: https://leicarumors.com/2016/08/12/first-rumors-about-the-next-leica-m-camera-dedicated-iso-wheel-and-bigger-lcd-screen.aspx/

      • Daryl

        The M has to be quite challenging for Leica, how much could they add or change without making it something other than an M.

        • FountainHead

          Sensor improvments always welcome.

        • Smaller, lighter, faster…

        • Brennan McKissick

          Honestly it really doesn’t need much. I think a better sensor is more or less what will happen. I’ll be salty if they put a hybrid viewfinder in it. I don’t think technology is there yet for a narrower digital body unfortunately. At least not without making it hideous looking.

          • El Aura

            (1) Does the current M still use the light reflected from the shutter curtains to measure light and set the exposure? If yes, wouldn’t a constant sensor readout (as all mirrorless cameras do) provide a better exposure than a simple centre-weighed metering? Metering systems have improved quite a lot since the days of centre-weighed metering.

            (2) While they are at it, what about at least electronic first curtain (EFC) or a fully electronic shutter? The M used to be one of the quietest cameras (thanks to having no slapping mirror) but electronic shutter can get you complete silence.

            (3) If they could pull off a Fuji-like combined electronic and optical viewfinder (without compromising the optical part), that’d be cool too. So, I am not sure whether it is possible to integrate it with the rangefinder optics.

            (4) Making the body smaller with some sort of grip would be nice too. Though the M is struck with a fairly long flange distance (for a FF non-SLR) which limits things as does the rangefinder optics.

          • Brennan McKissick

            (1) If you’re talking about the little circle like the film Ms no but I think it still uses a form of center weighted metering called “classic” or something.

            (2) Electronic shutter would be cool, I’d be down for that.

            (3) Still not a fan of the hybrid VF. That’s just not what the M is, plus they’d miss out on all the sales of those external EVFs haha.

            (4) Yeah, the flange distance is the issue with it and it’s been talked about quite a bit. They could make the body thinner but the lens mount would have to be on some goofy looking platform to keep the lens at the right distance.

          • Paul

            Regarding point 1, light metering on the M is perfectly accurate. There is nothing wrong with it.

          • El Aura

            If centre-weighed metering is perfectly accurate, why have (a) all other cameras use much more complex metering and (b) why do people actually overwhelmingly prefer the more complex metering modes?

          • Paul

            Because most cameras are made and sold to people who don’t understand or care for the basics of light metering and exposure.
            My guess is, the vast majority of Lecia M users, probably over 95%, would use classic reflected metering and never have any problem, especially considering it is so much faster and gives you more precise control over how you want the picture to be exposed.
            The M already offers an advanced metering mode like you describe but I guarantee hardly anyone uses it.
            I’m guessing from your question that you don’t own or haven’t used a digital M? If not, trust me that this isn’t an issue.

          • El Aura

            Thank you for insulting the 95% of serious photographers who use complex metering systems as people who don’t understand or care for the basics of light metering and exposure.

          • Paul

            My intention was not to insult. I said 95% of M users use it without any problems.
            You have chosen to misrepresent what I said.
            You clearly don’t understand the point of the M or have any experience with it if this is one of your main gripes with it.
            Of all the little gripes people may have with the M, exposure simply isn’t one of them. You are fighting a lonely battle I’m afraid. As I said, the M already includes advanced metering. So it’s there already if you need it. But you really don’t need it.

          • Walter Strong

            So go buy a fuji already.

          • El Aura

            I was suggesting an area where the Leica M by design (because it doesn’t have a mirror reflecting the image nor a constant sensor readout) wasn’t able to incorporate technological progress that began in 1983 with the Nikon FA and reached its current summit of a 360’000 pixel metering sensor in the Canon 1D X II could offer progress, but apparently any suggestion that the Leica M could be improved in any way only draws responses like ‘Go buy a Fuji’ instead.

      • Bo Dez

        Did you hear anything about the recent comment above? 40MP M?

  • Martin Kaninsky

    For the d lux, what do you think the rebranded camere will be? Is there already something on the market or do they usually introduce it together? Thank you 🙂

  • Bo Dez

    Seems accurate to me LR

  • Ric Ricard

    What I want from next M is simple: M9 weight or lighter, thinner body, better high ISO performance, “unlimited” buffer like any given Nikon has. Keep everything else the same.

    • Don

      great list: I’d buy one for sure. Loved my M9. When I got the 240, I boxed it up and sent it back. that little extra size made it feel clunky

      • Ric Ricard

        I use the M240 for a lot of my work, but I have to admit I do like the size, weight and even the controls and dial on the M9 better than those on the M240.

  • Luis Paris

    Here’s my best guess about the T model: I think there are two potential areas where Leica can improve the camera: Either an EVF or a full frame sensor.

    After seeing all the effort they put into the back screen, I doubt they will mess with an EVF. That leaves the sensor size… I read a while ago that the way the camera had been designed and built, it can easily accommodate a larger sensor. I suspect the new T model will have a full frame. (At least that’s my wish…)

    • EnPassant

      You can wish whatever you like. But the “T” camera with a full frame sensor you want already exist and is called SL. The L-mount as it is now called is used for both T and SL cameras. So it was designed to be usable with full frame sensors. The T line of cameras are however made only with an APS-C sensor in mind, just like Nikon’s DX cameras although it uses the same mount as Nikon’s full frame FX cameras.

      • Les

        The T isn’t currently full-frame, but Leica could introduce a camera with the T’s interface and dimensions, using the SL’s sensor.
        It would look silly with the SL’s huge AF zooms, but it would be a lower cost introduction into the SL system.
        This would also mean that they only have to source one sensor for the T/SL/Q lineup, which would probably save them some money and development resources.

  • ChaeYoon

    I heard that the upcoming M will have a 40M sensor and lighter body, possibly some parts made of duralumin. But its delivery can be the first quarter, 2017, at the earliest. In addition, new T (T2?) will have a EVF built into the body.

    • Bo Dez

      I hope so too. This is my dream camera.

    • Brennan McKissick

      God I hope they don’t put a 40mp sensor in there.

    • Mato

      Would be nice. I hear from my dealer to expect a new S model; probably not an M, since the M262 is to be considered a “new M model”. What Leica say about “focus on the professional” would also point to something new in the S line.

      • Bo Dez

        My feelings, for some time, have been that we will see both M & S

    • Al

      While many photographers proclaim 24mp is enough, I think its inevitable Leica will enhance the pixelage in future Ms , given the exquisite resolution offered by their optics (the 50mm APO-Summicron, for example).

  • Pascal

    The Summaron page seems to have already been created: http://de.leica-camera.com/Fotografie/Leica-M/M-Objektive/Summaron-M-1-5,6-28-mm
    Instead of a 404 error (page not found) it shows a 403 (forbidden) error.

  • Adam Quesada

    I don’t know why I feel like the new M is not ready and all we will be seeing is:

    1. Replacement for D-LUX 109. (Panny is also said to be announcing an LX100 replacement).
    2. New T (hopefully with built-in Q or SL EVF).

    My personal wish is for a Q with a 35 or 50.

  • 3foot1

    Does Leica typically announcing the Pana-Leica models at the same time that Panasonic does?

    I was under the impression that Panasonic usually announced their version at a few months before Leica announced theirs.

    Just wondering, because after 10 years of waiting, I am finally ready to buy a new compact.

  • thanks, I will post this online

  • Valdo

    “T” or perhaps “TL”. The APSC version of “SL”.
    Without a built in EVF no chance of survival even if polished a half hour longer 🙂

  • Al

    how about a Q camera with a Tri-Elmar (28-35-50) lens? A few years ago there was a suggestion this is what Leica should do with the X?

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