The Leica M10 camera rumored have a 0.72x viewfinder

leica-m10-camera leica-m10-camera-leaked
Just a quick update on the upcoming Leica M 10 camera - it is rumored to have a 0.72x viewfinder.

FYI: both the Leica M9 and M 240 have a 0.68x viewfinder.

Here is a recap of all Leica M 10 rumors I got so far:

In case some of you are still questioning the authenticity of the Leica M10 FCC filing (FCC ID N5A3656): it was submitted directly by Leica Camera - if you look closely at the file "LabelID.pdf", there is a link at the footer: - this is Leica's cloud service. It is also interesting to note the file named SelectLabel_Willi_26_10_2016.jpg - maybe “WILLI” is the codename for the M10 project named after William Eggleston?

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  • Allah Muhamedburg

    I get it, still no move to the EVF as it would infringe on the SL territory.
    One day hopefully…

    • stevo

      I think an evf ‘M’ would sell really well. Maybe even better than w a rangefinder…..

      • Allah Muhamedburg

        Agreed. I’d be the first in line and even give up my M9, M240 and SL.

      • TomV

        Although it mentions “EVF from SL”, which presumably means a Visoflex accessory. Great for macro photography or videography. (or the rest of the world that has moved past rangefinders)

    • Need money for an M

      EVF would be handy in some situation, but this would diminish the sing nature of an M. X-Pro2 like Hybrid setup could be a win-win solution and this is what I am wishing, as Leica has once pantented some tech regarding this viewfinder a while ago…

      0.72x would be a nice update though, personally 🙂

      • TomV

        It seems the hybrid XPRO-2 unit is not a stellar VF (just typical) but a below average EVF.

        • Need money for an M

          It’s too small in the X-Pro2, otherwise, it has pretty good specs.

          But SL should be the EVF king in its category…

        • Boris but No Johnson

          The EVF is okay, not as comfortable to use as the massive one in XT2 but more than useable.

          The biggest problem though is the parallax correction, which is absolutely rubbish when used with the 35mm F1,4. Should think about adding a focus limiter (e.g. 0,7m) when OVF is used.

          • Yes! I would love a focus limiter for the x-pro2. Im just as annoyed by the parallax correction.

    • CHD

      Totally agree with you. An M styled body with a state of the art EVF is exactly what I am waiting for….I would sell my M240 in a heartbeat.

  • Tom Fuldner

    Higher ISO would be nice.

    • CHD

      Seriously??? Like 50k isn’t high enough for you?? I realize the tech is out there for stratospheric ISO ratings but I guess for me coming from a film background I think it’s kind of comical.

      • Tom Fuldner

        Whoa, Silver! I’d settle for a really clean 6400; something I can’t find in any Leica.

        • CHD

          Depends on your expectations I guess….I’m happy enough with 6400 on my M240….but I usually expose correctly in-camera so banding and other noise artifacts are minimized.

  • RRDiaz

    I wonder what the 28mm frame lines will look like with this 0.72x VF?

    • cookedart

      It could be that they are making the entry pupil bigger. The claim was the viewfinder might look bigger. If so, they would be able to move to a .72x magnification while maintaining, or possibly even expanding, the eye relief of the finder. Here’s hoping!

    • I have a beautiful Zeiss Ikon ZM and its 0.74 magnifier puts those on Leica models to shame. I’m exagerating, but there’s a huge difference.
      28mm framelines cover almost the entire window.

      • RRDiaz

        I guess there’ll be an EVF in my future.

  • andre_

    0.72X viewfinder?
    Cool, but I don’t understand why Leica doesn’t do two different versions.
    One 0.68X and one 0.85X or even 1X.
    I wouldn’t need a Sony A7 for my 90mm any more. 😉
    Really, I think there’s room (and market) for two different versions.

  • Daryl

    Admin, this is the first I have heard of shared EVF, can you put a confidence rating on that? Thanks

    • Not sure, I no longer remember where I got this from.

  • David V. Kutaliya

    All these discussions clearly show how photographers love this brand and they expect non-standard solutions in the new camera.

    • TomV

      Leica can also be an innovative camera company rather than a tribute / heritage company – after all they were for most of their existence. Love the M, really do, but time to shake things up a little.

  • Need money for an M

    0.72x would be a very cool update! Bigger viewfinder window looks legit for supporting this claim.

  • John Griffith

    Pretty smart of Leica to just repackage the electronics in the Q/SL in the M body. Very low R&D cost and when they sell it for $2K to $3K more than the Q they make a very handsome profit on old technology. They did it first with the SL.

    • David V. Kutaliya

      Yes, you are absolutely right.

    • Bo Dez

      I would consider it a major disappointment rather than smart.

    • Les


      It depends what you mean by “repackage the electronics.”
      If you mean that the SL and Q are the same camera, then no. You just need to use both to figure-out that they are different. Even basic things like picture review behave quite differently on those two cameras.
      If you mean that they both use current versions of Leica’s current electronics package that started with the S2, then you are correct. Leica made a big development effort to create a fully integrated and modern electronics package after the M8. This package is known as the Maestro processor.
      I don’t expect that the next M will use the SL’s sensor, if only because the current M sensor performs better with M wides than the SL does, so it would be a step down in image quality.
      That doesn’t mean that the next M won’t have 24 megapixels. It just won’t have the same 24 MP sensor.

      • Charles

        It would likely be the SL sensor with new M micro-lensing. Such a sensor would outperform all current sensors with M lenses.

  • John Griffith

    Unless I had a ton of money already tied up in Leica lenses I would put that kind of serious money in the new Hasselblad where one can see some real innovation.

    • TomV

      Your pretty much describing the traditional Leica user. I’d love a modern approach to using my M, L39, CL, R, and Visioflex lenses with a more tailored solution than using Sony bodies (there’s probably more Sony / Canon / RED / Leica shooters out there now than Leica / Leica users). I’m not really interested in SL / TL ecosystems at this point in time.

  • MdB

    I know this won’t be popular here, but I REALLY hope this has the video from the SL in it.

    • Ric Ricard

      Agreed. Adding video to the M240 resulted in the addition of one small button (on a body that removed a much larger and very useless “preview lever”). I found the video feature very useful and I hope it is offered in the M10 or in a variant of the M10.

  • BeeWee

    Some addition things that the photos hint at:
    • The ISO dial looks like there are 8 stops so assuming base ISO is 100 like on the SL, this would provide (100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12500) with half stop increments in between, plus pull/push of 50/25000/50000 accessible via menu options and/or auto ISO
    • The finish on the bottom cover looks like a satin/matte finish which suggest that it’s anodized aluminum to reduce weight
    • The design of the top cover suggests that there’s no GPS built into the body so it’d make sense to support the EVF from the TL camera which provides GPS geolocation if desired

    • Bo Dez

      You are forgetting A on the ISO wheel.

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