Leica CL mirrorless camera and Elmarit-TL 18mm f/2.8 ASPH lens to be announced on November 21st

On November 21st Leica will announce the long-rumored CL mirrorless camera and a new Elmarit-TL 18mm f/2.8 ASPH lens (both pictured above). Here is an updated list of specifications and the expected European pricing:

  • Code name "Clooney" (model 7323), the actual name will "Leica CL"
  • Made in Germany
  • Same 24MP ASP-C sensor from the TL2
  • Interchangeable lens camera with TL-mount
  • Built-in EVF: better than the M external EVF (1.4MP) and the Typ 020 (2.4MP) but not the same as the one in the Leica SL (4.4MP)
  • Official announcement in Japan will be on November 22nd
  • 1/8000 mechanical shutter
  • No GPS
  • No IBIS
  • No PDAF
  • European pricing:
    • Leica CL: €2,490 (around $3,000)
    • Leica Elmarit-TL 18mm f/2.8 ASPH lens: €1,190 (around $1,400)
    • Leica CL + 18mm f/2.8 lens combo: €3,490 (around $4,100)

Updated list of upcoming/rumored Leica cameras and lenses

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  • Mistral75

    The prices in US$ posted here result from the conversion of the prices in EUR. European prices include 20% VAT in average, US prices exclude the sales tax.

    The conversion of the European prices gives therefore the following US prices:

    • Leica CL: $2,450

    • Leica Elmarit-TL 18mm f/2.8 ASPH lens: $1,170
    • Leica CL + 18mm f/2.8 lens combo: $3,430.

    • Gary Craggs

      That doesn’t necessarily apply. The SL 50mm and the 90-280mm zoom lenses are the pretty much same price at B&H without tax as they are in the UK with it. Perhaps there is an import duty on a perceived luxury item…

      • Mistral75

        Thank you for pointing this out. There is indeed some kind of import / luxury fee on Leica equipment in the United States, more probably shipping fees and the mark-up of the local subsidiary:

        – Summilux-SL 50mm: €4,800 / $5,295 (instead of $4,715: + 12.3%)

        – Apo-Vario-Elmarit-SL 90–280mm: €5,950 / $6,395
        (instead of $5,850: + 9.4%).

        • FountainHead

          Don’t quite understand what your calcs mean.
          1 EUR = 1.18 USD at present.
          Thank you.

          • Mistral75

            €1 = $1.18 but €1 (incl. VAT) = €0.83 (excl. VAT) = $0.98 (excl. sales tax).

    • Tim Rule

      The European prices may not include VAT.

      TL2 is 1950€ in Germany, inc VAT, and 1950$ from B&H.

      So, 3000€ for the CL … sounds about right. Still need a lens … another 1400€ for a lens.

      … for an APSC camera. 🙂

      • Yes, I am not sure if VAT was included in those prices.

        • Tim Rule

          I think 2500€ would be too cheap. The most likely buyers will be existing Leica owners, and they can afford to pay more.

        • Christian Seidel

          EU rule: Consumer prices have to be quoted including VAT.

  • 3 more times than a fuji XE3 with the same equivalent lens……Time to wait for a second one.

    • JJ

      or just go for the x-e3. Its a great little camera. 🙂

    • jeupsy

      I fine pricing a bit high for what you get compared to other Leicas … but there’s no point comparing it to a Fuji I thing. They are clearly different products.

      • Jeupsy, I find both cameras pretty similar and yes they must be compared, probaby in this comparation Leica easily win in quality of construction and Fuji in features .

        • jeupsy

          Sure you can compare the cameras and I would be interested is seeing pictures from both. Bot it is comparing pricing which I think makes little sense.

          It’s like comparing the price of a Toyota to the one of a Porsche. The price difference is simply due to the fact that they don’t play in the same market segment.

          • Not really similar. Porsche have a best construction and features than a Toyota. Actually with the exceptionof the M series Leica only wins in construction of their cams, with less features than others brands and overall in lenses.
            My best

          • jeupsy

            As I mentioned, what is similar is that they are after a completely different market segment. So the price scales are just not comparables.

            And btw depending one what features you are looking at, Porsche doesn’t necessarily win in terms of features vs Toyota. But people buying a Porsche are not looking for these features.

          • Well when I buy a cam I look essentialy at the IQ of the raw output and manual controls interface. In this segment you have only two elections Leica or Fuji. Leica kills the manual controls in their TL series and the aperture ring in their lenses. For me the CL could be a step in the right and old direction, so yes my friend I compare this two brands because I have’nt no election in others.
            Now lets talk about features Fuji is near to implement ibis, has pdaf, has a better af than the TL2, and wins hands down the TL2 and yes the body is better constructed by Leica. I hope in the CL the same quality, manual controls and a better AF, this with the clear advantage in Leica Lenses could make me decide to buy one.
            As I said I owned an XV Vario and yes there is some kind of feeling, I felt that I have a real good cam in my hands with a lot of limitations but with a superb output. So I miss this sensation.
            Will I spend 6.000€ in the CL plus two lenses only for this factor when I can get a similar Fuji deal for just the half?. No.
            As I said in my first post I will wait a year or two and when someone of this “market segment”, will be boried of the CL, probably I will sell my Fuji gear and buy the Leica.
            Do you need more?
            My best

          • Brennan McKissick

            Still a bad comparison. They play in different market segments because they make very different vehicles. You can’t compare a Toyota 4Runner with a 911. They are different cars for different things. You can, however, compare a 4Runner to a Cayenne. They both offer the end user a similar-ish type of vehicle and a TRD 4Runner and a similarly equipped Cayenne will be compared based on price for what they offer. The difference is that someone just wants to own the Porsche because it’s a Porsche and no one can talk them out of it.

  • jeupsy

    Pricing seems a bit steep if this is pushed as the new solution for Leica X users as I’ve read previously.

    Granted it doesn’t have an EVF, but a X Typ 113 with its built in and fairly nice 23mm 1.7 lens is half price compared to buying this CL the cheapest lens (18mm 2.8).

  • EnPassant

    Leica as usual live in their own Universe.
    Two years from now look for deals selling this combo for 1.5k in lightly used condition by a small company owner who got tired of his toy (he let his company buy for him).

    • Davo

      Need to consider the sensor readout speed too. A great aspect of the A9 and G9 VF is the refresh rate and blackout free operation. If the CL shares the G9 EVF (which it might given Leica’s partnership with Panasonic), it’d imply a very fast sensor to get the most out of the new EVF. This also implies much faster contrast AF but if it’s the same APS-C sensor, then all these seem doubtful.
      On the Leica boards, someone has implied a second Leica model that has yet to be mentioned that is supposedly very fast. If true, it may be that model which is getting the G9 EVF and the fast sensor.

      • EnPassant

        I doubt there are more than one type of the 3.6MP EVF being made. And they all have 120fps refresh rate. But that says nothing about the readout speed of the image sensor , especially if it is not made by Sony.

        • Les

          Exactly. Leica gets their EVF panels from Epson like everyone else. The key difference is that they use high-quality optics in front of the panel (or at least they do in the SL).

        • Davo

          You’re likely right but I assumed the G9 EVF would be 4:3 native so I don’t know how you’d get the same resolution from the same EVF unit (Epson?) in both 3:2 and 4:3.

          • EnPassant

            You propably don’t get the view of exactly the same resolution on a G9 as on a A9.
            Because specification is only for the resolution of the EVF panel, not how much of that you actually see!
            Which camera actually show the highest resolution in the EVF depends on actual format of the EVF panel and how much of it being used.
            Not that I would worry much about a small difference in resolution I propably would not detect even if I switched back and forth between both cameras.

          • Davo

            Precisely. I think the devil might be in the detail but at first glance, I assumed the full EVF resolution as stated in the specs would be what you get at its native aspect ratio. But this may not be the case and I haven’t really seen any testers really try to verify any of this, which is a pretty tough task admittedly.

    • Les

      EP, is there any camera that you can’t find “lightly used” for half price, two years after release? If anything, half price is high, most used 2-year-old cameras sell used for 1/3 or 1/4 of the original price.

      • EnPassant

        Depends on the camera. Some are more popular than others. But in time most cameras, like cars, will lose a lot of their value.
        I was just pointing out, for those who balk at the high Leica prices, that with some patience and smart buying one can get photo gear much cheaper than what it sells for at introduction.

  • RJ

    I hope we can separate the lens from the odd camera for discussion. The lens I am interested in. While on the topic, I do wish Leica offered all the TL zooms in silver as well as the primes.

  • Brennan McKissick

    There is no “Leica feeling” for anything except an M. Everything else they make is a copy of something else that someone else has already done.

    • Amen

    • JJ

      I agree Brennan. If you don’t go the M way, then just buy another brand. The CL looks so nice. But why would you pay 3-4 times as much, when you can get a Fuji, Panasonic or Sony that does the same….

    • nay, the Leica feeling is not only a slight color difference in the JPEG, it is also the difference in the workmanship of the body and lens, the bokeh of the lenses, the easy to user UI and so on. Personally I have a X-T2 and TL2, and I would choose TL2 for most cases (unless shoot under low light or shoot 4k video, Leica AF under low light sucks). You really have to have two cameras in hand to see the difference. The X-T2 and TL2 are also kind of similar in price (like 300 dollar difference), so I will definitely choose to buy the TL2 if it came out earlier than the X-T2…

    • sascharheker

      “Everything else they make is a copy of something else that someone else has already done.”

      So who did something like the X, X-U or S before they did it?

      • Brennan McKissick

        The Leica X, X-U or S? LOL. Ricoh GR/Fuji X100/X70 and the Nikon AW cameras or the Olympus TG cameras and Hasselblad and Mamiya/Leaf/Phase were all making medium format cameras before Leica.

        • sascharheker

          1. The Fuji X100 came in the year after the Leica X. So it’s not very likely, that Leica copied that one.

          2. I’ve seen no APS-C UW-Camera from Nikon or Olympus. (That apples and oranges thing, you know?)

          3. The S is quite different from what Mamiya/Leaf/Phase offer and not really comparable.

          • Brennan McKissick

            My GR argument still stands. You’re right though, the S is quite different than anything the others offer; it has a higher price tag, a smaller sensor and less reliable lenses.

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