Rare Leica KE-7A military camera listed for sale on eBay for $25k

M&K Kamera currently has a rare Leica KE-7A military version rangefinder camera with Elcan 50/2.0 lens listed or sale on eBay for $24,898.85.

A sealed/unopened Leica KE-7A camera set was listed for sale on eBay last year for $45,300 and we've seen even higher prices in the past. At a Westlich auction back in 2012 a rare Leica KE-7A camera with Elcan 1/90 lens sold for €228,000.

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More about the Leica KE-7A military camera:

"It was manufactured in Canada in the early 1970s especially for the US Army, with only 505 units produced. Of these, the military acquired only 460 units which had engravings to indicate they were army issue. The rest were put on sale in the civilian market. While it essentially had the mechanisms of the Leica M4, the Leica KE-7A was built with a modified shutter and better sealing for dust and shooting in extremely cold conditions."

Via Thephoblographer

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