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Leica M digital rangefinder

New firmware updates released for Leica M8, M9, M9-P, M-E, Monochrom, M and M-P cameras

Leica Camera released firmware updates for all digital M rangefinders with added support for the new Summarit-M lenses that were announced at Photokina: Leica M8 firmware update v2.024 Leica M9, M9-P and M-E firmware update v1.202 Leica M Monochrom firmware update v1.008 Leica M and M-P firmware update v2.0.1.7 The firmware and upgrade instructions can be downloaded here.

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Leica M Typ 240 already discounted by $750 at Adorama

As previously reported, the silver Leica M Typ 240 digital rangefinder is already discounted by $750 at Adorama: Update #1: the discount is now also available at B&H. Update #2: there is also a new $250 discount on almost all Leica M lenses.

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$750 off the Leica M Typ 240 coming tomorrow to the US and Canada

In case you are not following LeicaRumors on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+): I already mentioned that starting tomorrow, the Leica M Typ 240 digital rangefinder will be $750 off in the US and Canada. Stay tuned for additional details. Update #1: the $750 discount is already available at Adorama. Update #2: there is also […]

Leica M Type 240 camera
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New anodized aluminum Leica M film cameras?

Leica Store Firenze posted the above picture on their Facebook page with the text “top secret”. This could be a new series of limited edition/custom made anodized aluminum top plates for Leica M film cameras. The pictures were taken at Leica’s headquarter in Wetzlar.

Limited edition anodized aluminum Leica M cameras
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Leica M4 modded with a Canon Rebel sensor

Eugene Zaikonnikov added a digital sensor from a Canon Rebel camera to his Leica M4 rangefinder. Detailed information, including source code, schematics and few sample photos can be found on GitHub. Additional details on the project are available on Rangefinderforum and Petapixel. There is already a Kickstarter project for the development a 3D-module to convert a Leica M3 camera to digital by […]

Leica M4 modded with a Canon Rebel sensor 3
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The 2014 Photokina show is now over (additional Leica coverage)

The 2014 Photokina show is now over. Last week Leica announced over 20 different products (see pre-order options). Here is some additional Photokina coverage – first, David Farkas from Leica Store Miami interviews Stefan Daniel (product manager at Leica Camera AG) on the latest products introduced at the show:

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The latest LFI magazine covered the new Leica products announced at Photokina

The new LFI magazine (Web | Google Play | iTunes) is out and it covers the latest products Leica announced at Photokina (click for larger view):

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