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Leica ‘Birdie”

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Of course this is not an official Leica commercial: LEICA ‘BIRDIE” from Philip Escobar Jung on Vimeo via Leica Russia

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Vintage Leica camera advertisement

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Hprints has several vintage Leica camera advertisement prints from 1932-1958 for sale. Currently only five are still available. Prices vary from $7-$14:

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Clever Leica S2 advertisement

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This Leica S2 advertisement campaign was created by Advico Y & R. There has been some similar advertising for the Leica V-Lux 1 in the past.

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Cool Leica video

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I found this Leica video on the Facebook page of Leica Historical Society of America:

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Leica ads

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Similar to Nikon, Leica has done some cool advertisement for the Leica V-Lux 1 (click on images for high-res): And some more Leica ads that I found online (not sure if they were originally made by Leica): Of course there is also a book dedicated to Leica ads: Ads source: digitalcamerainfo, blameitonthevoices, monoscope

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