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More Leica M10 specifications and rumors: no video, only three buttons on the back, M7 size

I received some additional information on the upcoming Leica M10 camera (see more details here) that will be announced on January 18th: It will have only 3 buttons on the back No video (this is a strange move, probably needed to make the camera smaller – it also explains the lack of the movie button on […]

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Leica M10 camera to be announced on January 18th, 2017

Leica Camera already sent invitations for a “Fest der Fotografie” that will take place in Wetzlar on January 18th, 2017. Apart from Joel Meyerowitz being introduced to the Leica Hall of Fame, I expect this also be the launch event for the rumored Leica M10 camera, described as “experience the new milestone of Leica photography“. […]

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Leica M10 filing now listed at the official FCC website

The FCC filing (N5A3656) for the Leica M10 camera is now listed on the official FCC website:

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The Leica M10 camera rumored have a 0.72x viewfinder

  Just a quick update on the upcoming Leica M 10 camera – it is rumored to have a 0.72x viewfinder. FYI: both the Leica M9 and M 240 have a 0.68x viewfinder. Here is a recap of all Leica M 10 rumors I got so far:

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Leica M10: what we know so far from the leaked pictures

Some guesses/speculation/explanations on the leaked Leica M10 camera pictures: The white spot on the top plate is probably just a sticker The top plate dial is most likely the rumored ISO dial The M10 will still have LED framelines The movie button is gone (but will the M10 still have video?) The viewfinder appears to […]

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This is the new Leica M10 camera

There is an FCC filing (FCC ID N5A3656) for the new Leica M10 camera and as you can see from the pictures above, there will be an ISO dial on the top plate as I previously reported. On the second image you can also spot the “3656” camera model that was registered at the Indonesian Communications […]

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Recap on the upcoming Leica M camera (Leica M10?)

The new Leica M camera was initially supposed to be announced during the Photokina show in September but it was postponed. The second rumored announcement is/was for November 22nd-23rd but it seems that this date could be pushed back as well. Some tips suggested that the official announcement will not happen before February 2017. So much […]

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Strange: Leica M10 camera registered in China

A new “Leica M10” camera with Wi-Fi was registered with the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Update: just a reminder that a few years ago Leica registered a new M11 trademark. The M10 trademark was registered back in 2011.

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