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The sensor inside the Leica Q Typ 116 is most likely produced by TowerJazz – an Israeli semiconductor manufacturer with tight relations to Panasonic


In a recent interview Leica confirmed that the sensor inside the Q Typ 116 camera is not made by Sony or CMOSIS. So, who is the manufacturer of this sensor? One very plausible option is TowerJazz – an Israeli semiconductor manufacturer with tight relations to Panasonic who has produced sensors for CMOSIS in the past. Here are […]

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CMOSIS, the maker of the Leica M 240 sensor, to be acquired by TA Associates


CMOSIS, the maker of the Leica M 240 sensor, will be acquired by the global growth private equity firm TA Associates. No other details of the acquisition were provided. Here is the full press release:

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The new MAX 24 MP sensor inside the Leica M “could possibly alter the product roadmaps and strategies of several companies”


In a series of articles on full frame cameras, Chipworks covered also the new MAX 24 MP full frame sensor that will be used in the new Leica M and basically described it as a game changer based on the 6µm pixels and 0.11µm/90nm design rules:

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The 24MP MAX sensor inside the new Leica M is made by CMOSIS


Included is the CMOSIS press release about the 24MP MAX sensor inside the new Leica M. The sensor, based on a 6 x 6 µm² pixel size with dynamic range of 76dB, is designed and made in Europe.

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